Who am I?

I was born in the mid 70’s, I’m a psychologist and photographer. I’m also an amateur musician, I love nature, reading, cooking and exploring with new technologies.

Some customers describe me as a kind person, patient and happy; in more than one occasion when they meet me in person they’ve told me that they “thought I was older”, as I always try to approach every communication in the most serious and formal way and from the very first contact I am very “formal”.

People close to me tell about me that I’m a special person and they can count on me. I consider myself as a creative person, with a sense of humor and in pursuit of the best version of myself…

I started taking pictures with a camera roll that my father gave me as a gift more than 20 years go and I started with video with an 8mm camera; although I don’t use them anymore; I keep both of them. It was at the end of 2004, that I started to see as a way to earn money.

Needless to say, I love what I do and to treat with all types of people. I’m the photographer, though when I can I film as well, and I always take care of the subsequent process in the editing of the whole material taking care of every detail until its delivered… But it’s not just me: I’m joined by a team made by an additional photographer, cameraman and assistants. According to the event and the hired services we may go from 2 up to 7 people.

We accept a limited number of events by month, because the job isn’t done once the event or photoshoot is finished and in every specific case several hours of post-production are required. We recommend you to book with anticipation to guarantee the availability of your date.
Contact us and we’ll gladly see the details of your event and make an agreement. It will be a pleasure to meet and serve you
The events at your wedding last a moment, your memories your whole life.
Let us be part of your story ...

Call us:
GT:   (502) 2474-2788 y 2292-2267
US: (786) 397-7639
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