With how much time do I have to book?

There’s not an exact amount of time, but the most important thing is that you reserve with the most possible time to guarantee the reservation of your date. As well as we get booked with several months or more than a year of anticipation, if we get contacted a couple of weeks earlier and we have the date available will be more than happy to attend you, but we highly recommend to book with time and not take any risks.

How do you book and what are the payment methods?

We work with an 80% advance; if there are still missing several months for your events, you can book with $250.00 and at least 2 months earlier, complete the value of the advance. You can make your deposit in Guatemalan banks BI, BAM, GYT Continental or Ficohsa or you can make pay online via Pay Pal (charged in us dollars).

Do I have to sign a contract?

To hire our services it is required to sign a contract or in case you can’t come, you have to accept the terms and agreements in the confirmation e-mail, an link is sent with a form that it must be filled; this form has legal nature.

Can I add something else besides the combo I hired?

Every combo can be customized; you can add extra digital or printed photos, additional time, expansions, photobook (extra pages), additional copies of the video, canvas. We offer the option as well to add another camera man or an extra photographer. If you have a special request that is not in the information we sent, please contact us.

What is the delivery time?

Our estimated time of delivery is from 21 to 30 business days, though we always try to make that time shorter. In that period of time we sent you a private link so you can see and choose the pictures corresponding to your combo. After you’ve made your selection of which pictures you want printed, and you’ve sent it to us, in a period of 8 up to 10 business day we’ll let you know that the material is ready to coordinate the deliver.

In which places can we make the photoshoot?

The photoshoot can be made in the place of your selection, in some places they charge for making photoshoots, in others just for consumption or just the price of the admission. In Antigua we don’t make any extra charge; in other places of the country there will be an additional share according to the distance, mainly for gasoline.

We’re also available to travel all over the world, contact us for further details.

How many people will cover my event?

In average 3 people will be coming to your event, though it depends on the combo you’ve chosen, and if you hire photo, video or both services. In the photoshoots there will be coming a minimum of 2 people.

What benefits do I get by hiring both photo and video for my event?

When hiring both services, you automatically get a much favorable price, than if you would hire them separately. Besides we may have a surprise for you at the moment of delivering the material, depending on the option you chose.

How long are the videos? Are they edited?

The videos are edited; previously the duration of the videos were greater than an hour and a half, then it got reduced to an hour, to about 30-40 minutes. Now we make a short recap of the whole event with one or two songs of your choice; besides that we deliver an extended version of around 20-40 minutes depending on what combo you hired.

In what places can we cover events?

We are available to travel all the country and worlwide.      We have attended weddings and photshoots in many places in Guatemala City and through  the country: Antigua, San Lucas, Chimaltenango, Huehuetenango, Zacapa, Petén, Panajachel, Puerto de San José, San Raymundo, San José Pinula, San Juan Sacatepéquez, Santa Catarina Pinula, Santa Lucia y San Mateo Milpas Altas, entre otros.
We have covered destination weddings in our country, where the grooms came from Spain, Nicaragua, Honduras, Uruguay, Costa Rica y Poland.

For you to have an idea, in 2017 we had been in 37 different places for events and photoshoots (some places more than once):   Jardin El Cerro (7), Jardines La meseta (2), Convento Capuchinas (4), Hotel Princess Hilton (2), Iglesia La Merced (2), Ruinas La Merced (3), Ruinas Santa Clara (2), Solo Teatro, Teatro La Cúpula, Hacienda Nueva Country Club (2),  Hotel Holiday Inn, Hotel Jardines del Lago, Panajachel, Hotel Barceló, Hotel Vista Real, Amnery's Castle,  Club Guatemala, Puerto de San José, Tikal Futura, Hotel Casa Miravalle, Petén, San Pedro Yepocapa, Chimaltenango, Parque Ecoaventura, , Jardines Santa Barbara, Hacienda Los Volcanes, Casa Nicolasa, Cabaña Suiza, San Raymundo, Club de Tenis, Salon Premier, Conquistador Hotel, Universidad de San Carlos, Universidad Mariano Galvez, Universidad Panamericana, Pensativo Hotel, Aeroclub, Cocktail, Café Mimi.

Is there aditional cost for events at Antigua? How about other places?

No!!  Events in Antigua, Carretera a El Salvador or Guatemala City doesn't have aditional cost

For other places contact us; in general only travel expenses.
The events at your wedding last a moment, your memories your whole life.
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